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Dependable, Effective, Professional Debt Collection

NCS is a professional third party debt collection agency. We have been providing debt collection services for commercial and consumer past due accounts in the Siouxland Area for over 50 years. We are licensed and bonded in the states of Iowa, Nebraska and South Dakota. We are continually advancing our technology and creating new services to better serve the changing needs of our clients.

NCS is much more than a collection agency. We also offer pre-collect services, person or assets locator, credit bureau reporting and tenant screening. We utilize the latest in electronic technology that allows us to list new accounts electronically, give client real time access to view their accounts, and also allows consumers to pay their past due obligations through our secure web site.

Our agency would be happy to discuss the needs of your company with you today. Our technology and experience allows us to automate the processing of accounts and provide our clients with the reports they desire in several different formats.