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NCS is a professional third party debt collection agency serving Iowa, Nebraska and South Dakota. We have more than  50 years of experience collecting commercial and consumer debt. We charge no upfront fees – we get paid only when we collect the debt. 

why choose ncs

Relieving The Stress of Debt Collection

The process of collecting past due accounts from delinquent customers can be stressful, time consuming and costly for businesses.  Hiring a professional debt collection agency can help alleviate these issues.  

We are here to help with an efficient and effective collections service.   We can help with a variety of debt collection services, including locating debtors, handling judgments, asset recovery and more.


Businesses that utilize our services see an improvement in their bottom line through lower operating costs, higher cash flows and reduced bad debt.   


Our more than 50 years of experience in commercial and consumer collections helps ensure your company is in good hands when it comes to collecting past due assets. We are a BBB Accredited business. 


We professionally help you navigate the court system which can at times be complex. This allows us to assist you in enforcing your judgment.  You have nothing to lose and a great deal to gain.

Asset & Debtor Location

We use a combination of technology and experience to locate  debtors and assets for judgments that you have obtained. We have resources available to us to locate debtors, assets and employment to aid in collection process. Our fees are very competitive.

Judgment Enforcement

Obtaining the judgment does not mean recovery of your funds.  Not everyone wants to pay what they owe. Our recovery specialists have the ability to collect the money that is due.  We can help navigate the sometimes complex court system which allows us to assist you in enforcing your judgment.

Collection Recovery

Recovery of your lost dollars is our priority, and we do it in an efficient and professional manner.  We help businesses improve their bottom line through lower operating costs, higher cash flows and reduced bad debt.

Check Recovery

Our experience shows that quick action on return checks increases the likelihood of recovery. Our agency can immediately process your bad checks and start the collection process as soon as your bank returns it.

Competitive Pricing

No Upfront Fees – You Get Paid When We Get Paid

  • 33% on all accounts, contingent upon collection
  • 45% on all accounts forwarded to other agencies or accounts that are collected through litigation
  • Our fee is due and payable if payment is made directly to NCS or directly to the client
  • Special rates available for large volume listing of accounts and forwarded/legal accounts

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Our job is making debt collection simple for your business. And that means professional, efficient collections every day. When you’re ready to get started, call for your free consultation.

“Tis against some men’s principle to pay interest, and seems against others interest to pay the principle.”

— Benjamin Franklin